Liverpool have had an excellent first half of the 2023/2024 season. The situation is like this

Halfway through the 2023/24 season, Liverpool are doing incredibly well. This is compared to the best performance in the Premier League.

Liverpool’s Premier League season is now halfway through. The Reds have played 19 games and things could not have gone better for them. Jurgen Klopp has his team in title contention and title favourites, Manchester City. This came despite a summer overhaul which saw several key players leave and new, younger players join the club.

Liverpoolhave wasted no time in getting their squad together and winning the Premier League is on their agenda. Ultimately, this team should improve in the second half of the season as the rookies gain experience. What makes this so exciting is that this is one of the best starts to a Premier League season that Liverpool have produced so far. .

Freelance writer Andrew Beasley pointed this out in the X, pointing out that it was the Reds’ fourth goal of the first half. He scored 42 goals in 19 matches. This only applies to the 2019/20 season (Liverpool dropped 2 points to 55 points), the 2018/19 season (51) and the 2016/17 season (43). The latter was an area where the Reds struggled to maintain momentum in the second half of the season.

Of course, it was Klopp’s first full season. So this is all very encouraging as Liverpool will be disappointed not to finish third. It was 1 point worse than in 2016. For example, if Trent Alexander-Arnold’s last-gasp effort against Manchester United had gone over the bar, it would have gone ahead. Or if the VAR against Tottenham Hotspur was competent at all. It will also energize them. But as I said, the nature of this aspect makes it particularly encouraging.

Liverpool are still young and lack experience in some areas, especially midfield. This is especially notable for the number of draws. They drew six games, most of which they should have won. The second half of the season will be even better. This was United’s fourth best Premier League season this season.

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