Lions’ Succession Plan: Who could replace…

A date has been set for the Detroit Lions and their current coordinator. Both players are here as long as the Lions remain in the playoffs, but it could be a few days before they move on to their next team.

The biggest question I’ve asked myself all year is, “Who’s going to replace these people?” Below is a list of internal and external names the Lions believe they will bring in to take things forward.insideFirst, I think the lion could have risen from the inside. This is a team that has already proven its excellence. Ben Jonson is a perfect example. He was the coach of the Lions before being promoted to OC.

Who will be next on the same journey? Passing Game Coordinator Tanner EngstrandEngstrand has long been one of the players expected to advance. He has worked closely with Johnson on the passing side of the game since Johnson took over in 2022. Engstrand has been coaching since 2005 and is one of those guys who has been coming up through the ranks for quite some time. This is his next logical step.

Head coach and running backs coach Scotty MontgomeryMontgomery is another man who has climbed the NFL ladder. The Lions hired Montgomery to replace the departing Duc Staley before this offseason, and he interviewed to become the Bucs’ offensive coordinator a week after being hired. The reason I’m adding Montgomery is because of his ability in the run game, in addition to the fact that he’s ready and wanted to work already.

The Lions are a running team that likes to move the ball on the ground to pass. Montgomery continues to do so.Quarterback coach Mark BrunellI’m not sure about that. This is Brunel’s first coaching job. Unless, of course, you count his job as the head coach at an Episcopal school in Jacksonville.

The reason to think about it is because he played a big part in Jared Goff’s resurgence. Maybe he could help in an OC role? But can it be called a play?Internal options that can be accepted as OC are: What about DC?Linebackers coach Kelvin ShepherdThis guy will be a head coach one day and probably a year or two away from being a good DS.

The first year could be 2024. We saw how good Shepard was with Campbell on Hard Knocks and we saw how the players reacted to Shepard. I think it’s crazy. I have nothing more to say because I am sure of it.

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