Lions OL Dan Skipper blast NFL ref Brad Allen for….

The Lions-Cowboys officiating controversy still lives. And Dan Skipper, the Detroit offensive lineman who allegedly checked in as eligible for a 2-point try, gave it some new oxygen.

Skipper wanted to get his side out after the NFL sent a video to all 32 teams offering an official explanation as to why a potentially winning 2-point play was wiped away by a yellow flag. The video, from the NFL’s viewpoint, indicated that Skipper reported to the officials as eligible. On Wednesday, Skipper said he did no such thing. Rather, Skipper said he was signaling in for the Lions “jumbo” short yardage package with 12 personnel (that’s one back, two tight ends).

“So personnel, you signal in,” Skipper told reporters, Wednesday.. “I wasn’t like this (as he wipes his numbers). I was not doing that — I was doing this (holding one arm up and another by his stomach, with two fingers out), signaling 12 jumbo. Everyone who’s played at this level, I’m sure all you guys know that you signal in personnel.”

On two different plays last Saturday night, Skipper checked in as a sixth offensive lineman. The first was in the first quarter on a Lions second-and-3 play. Skipper trotted onto the field signaling personnel. And, he checked in with referee Brad Allen.

Everyone now knows about the second time. Jared Goff and Amon-Ra St. Brown connected for a touchdown with 23 seconds to go. Lions coach Dan Campbell called for the two-point try to win the game as opposed to tying it to send it into overtime. Skipper trotted onto the field and made the same motion he did as when he reported in the first quarter. However, he said he didn’t speak to Allen. Video also showed that Taylor Decker motioned to the numbers on his chest, indicating he was eligible. It doesn’t appear that Allen noticed anyone other than Skipper. Allen then told the Cowboys defense that Skipper would be eligible on the play.

Decker caught a pass from Goff on the 2-point try, giving the Lions a temporary, 21-20 lead.

Skipper then explained more of the details. He said you go up to the ref and tell him you’re eligible for the ball on the play.

“But when you walk up you say, ‘Sir, I am reporting as eligible.’” Skipper told reporters.

The Lions tried two more times for the two-pointer. An offsides on Micah Parsons negated the second try. Goff couldn’t connect with James Mitchell on the third opportunity.

Campbell said he wanted to move on from the controversy. But Lions fans still are carrying on. There now are billboards around Detroit that say “Decker Reported.”

Lions players are noticing the billboards. “The city of Detroit’s been great,” Skipper said. “Driving into work was fun. I don’t know who paid for all that but it’s good to see.”

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