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Dodgers manager Dave Roberts believes Mookie Betts will play better than when he is on second base

Sports Dodgers manager Dave Roberts thinks Mookie Betts is better at second base Matt Levine 12/21/2023 0 1 minute after reading Mookie Betts is the Dodgers’ everyday second baseman in 2024.

Manager Dave Roberts revealed that earlier this season at the Winter Meetings.

Ezoic Last season, Betts split time between right field and infield, giving LA much-needed flexibility.

But now it looks like the team is making the change more permanent. Roberts talked about why he thinks Betts is a better player when he plays the infield instead of the outfield. “I think Mookie Betts plays him better at second base. The play spoke to that.” In any case, his performance justified such a move. Betts had a 1.004 OPS in the field compared to a .970 OPS in the field last season.

Ezoic The Dodgers are well aware of the wear and tear of playing in the outfield and want to make sure Betts can play up to 162 games during a season.

They need him in the lineup and this is one of the best ways to get it. Betts became an infielder before moving to right field with the Boston Red Sox, so he’s more than comfortable making the switch again.

The looking to maximize Bett this upcoming season despite finishing second in the NL MVP race last season.

Ezoic The team knows what he’s capable of and wants to make sure it continues throughout the season and into the postseason.

“No question. And he says the same thing,” Roberts said when asked if throwing through Betts in 2023 helped. The move opens up a lot of flexibility for the Dodgers going forward, and the team is grateful for Betts’ versatility.

He may be the second most expensive player in the game today, but he is worth the price.

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