Larry Fitzgerald: Detroit Lions’ tough game ‘important’

The Detroit Lions won the 1993 Division 1 title, earning many accolades.Director Dan Campbell held a press conference on the domestic stage and immediately set the tone for the administration.

Opposing fans are expected to excuse and downplay Detroit’s success in 2023, but former NFL wide receivers still don’t believe what the Lions can do in the postseason. On the latest edition of SiriusXM’s “Lets Go” NFL Review, former Larry Fitzgerald said it’s difficult to have expectations for this year’s team.

“Jim, you can call me the Grinch now, but it’s hard to take seriously a team that hasn’t won a division championship since 1993,” Fitzgerald said. “It took a long time. Yes, it plays very well. But it’s the Detroit Lions, Jim.”It’s hard to predict what they can do in the playoffs. “You want to see them have a great game against the Cowboys, which is a great test before they get to the playoffs.

“These days, many people remember what life was like in 1993, the last season Detroit won the division title when gas cost less than $1.50. “Not only did they cost $1.11 in gas, but they had the best run ever,” Fitzgerald said. “Last time I checked, it wasn’t ending quickly in the tunnel.”Detroit has another opportunity to silence its critics this week as it hits the road for a primetime showdown with the Dallas Cowboys.

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