JUST IN: Liverpool Give big Trent Alexander-Arnold future hint as transfer talks ‘underway’..

Liverpool will have to deal with Trent Alexander-Arnold’s future in a number of ways. Controversy continues over the optimal position, but in the meantime, his contract situation is becoming increasingly desperate. His current contract with Liverpool runs until the summer of 2025.

Time is still on the club’s side, but not by much. Alexander-Arnold is set to enter the next transfer window with just one year left on his contract. . And it seems unlikely that the club will be able to solve this problem sooner. Athletic’s James Pearce says Liverpool have “no reservations” over the futures of Alexander-Arnold, Virgil van Dijk and Mohamed Salah.

However, talks are unlikely to begin until after the season, partly due to precautionary measures. “Unnecessary interruption”. This might not cause the club any trouble, but it’s enough to make fans a little anxious. After all, Alexander-Arnold is a generational academy talent. The hope is that he retires as one of Liverpool’s all-time greats, but there will be no shortage of admirers in the transfer market.

Assuming Liverpool secure extra time without too much trouble, Jurgen Klopp still needs to study where Alexander-Arnold fits into his plans on the pitch. Currently, he still starts games at right-back, but is regularly used in matches as a reliable midfielder.This design, unlike the contract, does not require special changes.

Pundits like Gary Lineker continue to call for a permanent move to midfield. Klopp’s movement to the left when in need of a goal suggests he believes Alexander-Arnold can pull more strings from a central base. But unpredictability makes opponents nervous.Perhaps the clearest indication of Klopp’s future plans is the transfer window.

According to Football Transfers, this questionable move could be enlightening.Strangely, it comes from the left rather than the right. Andy Robertson is set to return from injury soon, but neither he nor Kostas Tsimikas are long-term options in Liverpool 2.0’s game plan.

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