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Amid the platitudes and clichés pouring from the stage at Denver Broncos headquarters on Tuesday, the team tried to present a united front at the top of the leadership pyramid, led by CEO Greg Penner.

Penner, who has faced backlash for his relationship with assistant manager Russell Wilson amid rumors and questions about the job security of GM George Paton and head coach Sean Payton, painted a rosy picture of the pair’s relationship. “It’s been a year and I thought the collaboration, especially with Shawn and George, went really well,” Panner said Tuesday.

“The relationship between the manager and the general manager is very important. I’m curious as to why you went from free agency to the draft. It was great to see young players that George and his staff have trained in the past playing such important roles. “I thought there were improvements this year and I think George can help build a winning team here.”Penner, Paton and Payton each fell on their swords and were responsible for a seven-game losing streak.

How the Broncos triumvirate works to make meaningful progress starts with a focus on long-term goals. Cynics in Broncos country might suggest that the trio’s attempt to extend some sort of olive branch to the deposed quarterback has failed. The Broncos are unlikely to sign Wilson, even at a low trade value. Especially considering the veteran quarterback’s hefty contract and recent level of play. Additionally, Paton and Payton “leaving the door open” to his broken relationship with Wilson could be a PR ploy given his demotion, the QB’s first demotion as a pro, and the veteran’s allegations that the Broncos bullied him.

The erratic matchup between Wilson and Payton to end the season on Monday shouldn’t get in the way of rebuilding and finding a franchise quarterback. In some ways, Penner emphasized that all aspects of the Broncos’ search for and improvement of the roster will be a joint mission, urging everyone involved at team headquarters to understand the role they have to play in everything.

“As CEO, I want to know what’s going on,” Penner said. “But I trust people to do their jobs. I don’t train football teams, I don’t call agents and I don’t sign players. Again, I think Russell’s agent’s approach was constructive. “It just didn’t lead to an agreement.”Then you begin to heal

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