Jordan Love is expected to land an incredible weapon for….

The Green Bay Packers handled business against the Minnesota Vikings. The Minnesota Vikings’ fourth-quarter touchdown made the game appear closer than it was (the final score was 33-10).

Young weapons have been stepping up for the Packers offense all season. On Sunday, former undrafted free agent Bo Melton became the team’s first 100-yard receiver in a single game this season. The Packers are now expected to sign another young weapon for Jordan Love.

After defeating the Minnesota Vikings, the Green Bay Packers were expected to pursue a large weapon for Jordan Love.

What the arrival of Johnny Wilson could mean for the Packers’ offense, according to Ross Uglem:

The offensive is also not overlooked. Jordan Morgan is a Packers type, while Johnny Wilson adds the power forward body type that the WR corps now needs (he’d play the same job as Heath, but he’s much bigger, and Heath is a mid-4.6 man).

Wilson is a powerful power forward who plays wide receiver. He possesses good body control for a player his size at the catch point and reacts well to the football. He can make defenders look like a poster down the field.

His hand strength makes him extremely difficult to bump out of prime space on targets down the field.

His ability to run through mild press, combined with his growth as a huge play receiver, has given him an opportunity to shine down the field. In the Florida State offense, you can see him pressing vertically, and cornerback will respect his ability to break off into his routes through soft press.

You’ll have a difficult time pressing him at the line of scrimmage; his size makes it difficult to play in his face. As a result, he is always on time and consistent with his routes.

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