Jordan Love drawing comparisons to……

It makes sense that Green Bay Packers quarterback Jordan Love would have picked up some pointers from four-time MVP Aaron Rodgers.

Rodgers is a Packers legend, after all, and Love sat behind him on the bench for three seasons. Ironically, that was the amount of time that Rodgers sat behind another Green Bay legend, Brett Favre.

To see the comparisons between Love and Rodgers this week on social media are wild, though, because for as supernaturally great as Rodgers was with the Packers – Love is starting to flash that same sort of brilliance.

The specific play that has come to mind for many was Love’s touchdown pass to rookie wideout Jayden Reed on New Year’s Eve against the Minnesota Vikings.

Love dropped the touchdown pass into a bucket between three collapsing defenders, but it was his throwing motion and footwork that started drawing comparisons to prime Rodgers like wildfire.

The odds would suggest that Love will never come close to having the career that Rodgers had with Green Bay – one Super Bowl win and four league MVPs – but his play on the field in the second half of this season is suggesting otherwise.

Love has thrown for 3,843 yards and 30 touchdowns with 11 interceptions this season. He’s thrown just one interception in his past seven games compared to 19 touchdowns. 

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