Injury updates: Examining Larry Krueger’s Ravens tape and injury updates for the…..

Examining Larry Krueger’s Ravens tape and injury updates for the first and tenth games

On the 49ers “1st & 10” podcast, digital media coordinator Briana McDonald and team writer Lindsey Pallares discuss the most recent 49ers news, including roster changes, coaching appointments, and updates to the NFL power rankings. In-depth analyses of current events inside the company are included in each episode, along with snippets from conversations with coaches, players, and front desk employees.

Keep an eye out for the team’s special edition “Move the Chains” podcast episodes to find out more about their updates on breaking news.

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This is a summary of Larry Krueger’s most recent 49ers “1st & 10” podcast:


1:37: Krueger discusses his initial thoughts about the Baltimore Ravens.

Pallares gives the team’s most recent reports on injuries and practices at 2:34.

4:11: Krueger talks about how Kyle Shanahan might take aim at the Ravens’ defense.

Pallares delves on the offensive line performance of San Francisco at 5:40.

Krueger dissects the 49ers’ run defense at 7:03.

Pallares talks about the 49ers defensive line depth at 8:26. Bold predictions for #BALvsSF are made at 11:28.

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