I feel like I’m going to cry in the bathroom now.” – The Manchester United legend has hit back at Liverpool’s top-flight win following their Boxing Day victory.

Manchester United legend Patrice Evra has praised Liverpool and joked he started crying after calling them title contenders. French fans and pundits believe Manchester United don’t get enough attention compared to Arsenal and Manchester City. Evra revealed on Amazon Prime Video Sport that he wants his links with the club out of the picture and praised Liverpool for their season so far.

He said he is seriously competing for the title this year.I don’t want to answer. We have to be fair when working on TV. Provided by Liverpool. I think they are serious contenders for the title. We talk a lot about Manchester City and Arsenal. Of course, City still have two games to play, but Liverpool are back in the game. They are top of the league and will stay there. Because they are so consistent. They have great managers.

Thank you Liverpool. “I’m going to cry in the bathroom now!”Evra was on the Amazon panel when he highlighted his Liverpool captaincy and predicted Manchester United to win 2-0 3-2 against Aston Villa.

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