Here’s what the computer model says about the Packers’ playoff chances.

The Green Bay Packers need help to win their last two games and make the NFC playoffs.Given their defensive play, it will be very difficult for the Packers (7-8) to beat the Minnesota Vikings on Sunday night and then beat the Chicago Bears in the finals. 

Meanwhile, the Packers need help. In the NFC, the Los Angeles Rams and Seattle Seahawks are 8-7, sixth and seventh, respectively. The Rams will play the Giants (5-10) and 49ers (11-4) in Sunday’s finale. The fact that San Francisco is in the hunt for the No. 1 in the NFC through a tiebreaker could work in Green Bay’s favor.The Seahawks host the Steelers (8-7) on Sunday before visiting the Cardinals (3-12) in Week 17. Here’s what the latest computer models say about Green Bay’s playoff chances.

Draft Kingss sportsbetting: Green Bay’s playoff odds are 190. Looking at the indirect probability, this means that the probability of advancing to the playoffs is 35.5%. This is much better than any computer model, but the Seahawks are -330 (76.7%) and the Rams are -245 (71.0%).

New York Times: 29% chance to make the playoffs The Times model is interesting because it allows you to add different combinations of wins and losses. If the Packers can beat the Vikings, that percentage increases to 59 percent. If the Packers can beat the Bears in the Finals, those odds will improve to 95%.

ProFootball Focus: 29% chance to make the playoffs. His performance ranked 17th in strength of schedule remaining (compared to 24th in strength of schedule through first 15 games).

The Seahawks (70%) and Rams (66%) are ahead of Green Bay in the last two NFC playoff races. The remaining power of the Seahawks schedule is 30 Power Rankings Guru. The probability of reaching the playoffs is 24.6%. It ranks 18th in the rest of the ranking. Number Fire: 22.5% chance to make the playoffs. As elsewhere, the Rams (72.0%) and Seahawks (66.8%) are far behind. Green Bay’s probability of winning the Super Bowl is 0.1%.

Teamrating: 21.6% playoff lead Seattle took the final wild card spot with 68.4 percent and Los Angeles with 64.7 percent.

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