Furious Roy Keane names the three most important things in life, including laughter.

It won’t surprise anyone to hear that Roy Keane doesn’t like to laugh.The Manchester United legend and Champions League winner said he wholeheartedly said “bah, first time” at the idea of ​​showing his happiness in the ordinary sense of the word. After all, Keane has built a brand around his quirky ways and he doesn’t seem to have any plans to change any time soon.

The 52-year-old recently spoke to Sky Sports pundits Ian Wright and Jamie Carragher about his winter holidays. While many would welcome such an event, Keane despaired of the idea and the ghosts of Christmas past reared their heads. “The three most precious things in life are parties, laughter and fireworks!”meaningless!

Arsenal icon Wright and former Liverpool defender Carragher burst out laughing at the same time, with the latter shocked by what he heard. While Keane is known to scowl, Wright is rarely seen without a smile on his face. “What do you want to say?” asked the former Premier League hitman. “Oh, I guess laughs and fireworks aren’t overrated. Roy, laughter and fireworks?

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