Footage of Arsenal’s training ground dog has finally emerged, It makes so much sense

Fans have been given a first-look at Arsenal’s training ground dog after the club posted footage of Gabriel Martinelli and “Win” outside London Colney.

Arsenal manager Mikel Arteta was inspired to sign the chocolate Labrador last season after learning that petting a dog can be calming, reduce stress levels and improve your overall mood.

As well as the above pet therapy, the Spaniard thinks a dog can ‘enhance the spirit of togetherness’ that carried their recent Premier League title challenge.

“Win” was present for Aaron Ramsdale’s contract signing in May, according to The Times, who say she has a primary carer who looks after her away from the London Colney training facility.

Ahead of the 2023/24 campaign, the pooch has finally been revealed to fans on social media, with Arsenal posting footage of an embrace between Martinelli and “Win”.

Here’s how social media reacted to the clip.

One fan said: “Honestly one of the best ideas Arteta had. It makes so much sense,” while another commented: “They named the dog WIN because they thought they’d win the league im crying.”

After reports emerged surrounding the addition of “Win”, Arteta spoke publicly about developing the family atmosphere at the club with a dog.

“We always talk about family, and being connected,” Mikel explained. “A big family like we are at the club, and I feel like we are a family, we need a dog to represent that family.

“I think there are still things at the club that can be done to connect with people. To be more caring with people, to show love.”

Arteta added: “I carefully chose the dog and in my opinion it’s the perfect representative of who we are right now. Her name is Win, we all love winning and Win needs a lot of love. So the love for Win, that was basically the feeling.

“The reaction from the players and the staff has been incredible, she is one of us. She is going to be on this journey with us together. It’s something that changes your mood like this [clicks fingers].

Win needs accountability from us because we have to look after her as well, her emotions and what she needs.”

Labradors are known to be intelligent, well-natured pets. Arsenal mascot “Win” is even friendly with the training ground’s resident cat, Bob, who was adopted when his local owner died.

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