FA’s Decision on point Deduction for Top League Contenders…

Everton received a new Financial Fair Play (FFP) order from the Premier League this afternoon. The club again awaits its fate due to spending violations.

Everton and Nottingham Forest have also heard the same news and have two weeks to respond to the claims. The charges follow allegations of spending breaches following a Premier League-wide investigation.

Clubs had until December 31 to submit their accounts for the 12 months ending last summer. This is faster than in previous years and was introduced to speed up the legal process. Everton was charged in February 2023 and pleaded guilty in November.

However, the club appealed the decision after receiving a 10-point deduction, which had a major impact on their bid to stay in the Premier League.  The first time Everton reached this point was in response to a financial deal leading into the 2021/22 season.

Although the club attempted to respond to both allegations, it remains the only Premier League team to have breached the Profitability and Sustainability Code (PSR) and its punishment was a landmark decision. Everton are still appealing the decision as they face further charges. However, doubts remain unresolved elsewhere in the Premier League.

Liverpool’s title rivals Manchester City have been accused of Everton’s first breach of FFP and a complaint has been lodged, but the champions are yet to make a decision on more than 115 alleged breaches between 2009 and 2018. City were also referred to an independent committee, as Everton recently took over.

Questions remain as to why Everton’s original case was settled less than nine months later, while City’s trial is still ongoing. Quite simply, this is explained by the depth, breadth and complexity of the 100-plus claims against City, which the Premier League says will inevitably and logistically take.

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