Fans react to Detroit Lions’ terrible offense on Dak Prescott’s 92-yard TD run.

Saturday’s football game is a rare treat for football fans who are all work and no party. And tonight was very interesting, despite the low score. From Sydi Lamb’s touchdown run that made Bill Belichick shiver in his jacket to both players’ personnel losses due to the cold weather in Boston this year, it was a great back-and-forth game.

But one could face some very harsh criticism on Twitter (sorry, “X”) and other forms of social media for one of his latest business decisions: the signing of Teddy Bridgewater, the Cowboys star wide receiver Sidi. At one point, Lamb attempts a 92-yard touchdown pass from an MVP-caliber QB. Who is #55 on the Detroit Lions? That number 55 is actually linebacker and former fourth-round pick Derrick Barnes. Take it out or nothing. It might take a few hours, but you’ll quickly realize that you’re doing a pretty pathetic job.

The Detroit Lions have been riding high this week after their historic performance last week, but it looks like one of their teammates may have gone a little crazy with the celebration. To make matters worse, there are corners in the end zone that make misses even worse. As expected, fans flocked to this highly entertaining, if not entirely original, production of the poorly executed play.

Story Lesson – Summary! It can be a stick, a jacket, anything. As my old rugby coaches used to say, the bigger a person is, the harder it is to fall. But to be fair to Barnes, he has played well this season and has earned a starting spot. I hope it doesn’t disappoint him. It’s pretty fun though.

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