Discussion: Should the Lions rest one of their starters for the playoffs?

The Lions defeated the Minnesota Vikings on Sunday and guaranteed a home playoff game as NFC North champions. While everyone’s mind is on the playoffs, the regular season is almost over. The Lions have two games left.

A game against the Dallas Cowboys and a rematch against the Vikings in Week 18 at Ford Field.While these games won’t affect the Lions’ standings in their division, they could affect the rest of the NFL. But with a playoff spot secured, can the Lions play it safe and rest their starters? The Lions are in NFC playoff contention, but they have a tough road ahead of them. The Dallas Cowboys’ loss to the Miami Dolphins gave them a 10-5 record on Sunday, and they improved to 10-4 against the Philadelphia Eagles, who face the New York Giants on Monday. The San Francisco 49ers are 11-3 with one game remaining on Monday night. These three teams pose the biggest threats to the No. 1 seeds. 1 and 2 in Detroit.

Here are the rest of the games:

Cowboys (10-5): Lions

@ Commanders vs.Eagles (10-4): Vs. Giants vs. Cardinals,

@Giants49ers (11-3): Vs. Ravens,

@ Commanders, vs. The Rams have the easiest way to beat the Eagles, with only the 3-12 Cardinals competing against the 5-9 Giants (twice). However, they suffer offensive confusion after losing three games in a row. The Chiefs should push the Cowboys and 49ers, but the Lions, Ravens and Rams should cause problems. This seems like a viable path for the Lions to secure a top seed, and I agree. But it all depends on the standings for Week 18. If the Lions have a chance to beat the Cowboys and then the Vikings in Week 18 to earn the No. 1, I think the Lions will need a starting pitcher to play. But if the 49ers can get another first-round bye and first-round bye, I think the Lions should rest their starting pitcher.

Currently, the difference between the 2nd and 3rd seeds is very small. The second and third wild card spots go to 8-7 teams (Seahawks and Rams) and 7-8 teams (Vikings, Falcons, Packers, Saints). Any of these six teams could make the playoffs, so we’re keeping the wild card opponents guessing as best we can. The biggest difference between the 2nd and 3rd seed is the home field advantage, not the opponent. A second straight win guarantees at least two home games in the playoffs (assuming they win the first one, of course).

I think resting a few starters is more valuable than chasing the No. 1 seed. First, the Lions must not compromise Jared Goff. Because his injury will hurt their chances of making the playoffs. Similarly, Amon-Ra St. Resting Brown, Sam LaPorte, Jahmir Gibbs or David Montgomery makes sense to protect players. The Lions can use this opportunity to look at other young players. Teddy Bridgewater is firmly established as Goff’s backup, but if the Vikings play doesn’t make sense, you might want to look at Hendon Hooker.

As Ryan Mathews and I pointed out this summer, this would be a great opportunity for the Lions to see what they have to offer with little risk. Other players to consider include Antoine Green, James Mitchell and Jermar Jefferson.It also gives players with serious injuries an extra week to recover. Frank Ragnow and Penay Sewell were both on the injury report last week and given how important this offensive line is, they may need some rest to be fully healthy for their first playoff game. If the Lions intend to make the playoffs, this dominant offensive line will make it happen. That said, if all goes well, I don’t expect the Lions to rest until the second half of the Vikings game. good.

Dan Campbell clearly cares about his players and their health, but refusing to accept a challenge seems antithetical to him as a coach. They do not shy away from challenges. I can’t blame the Lions for thinking that way if they decide to go that route. Should the Lions protect some key players before the playoffs? Let us know in the comments below.

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