Crosby will miss the opportunity to help the Packers in the NFC playoff race.

Former Green Bay Packers quarterback Mason Crosby took the opportunity to thank his former team.Instead, his 54-yard field goal attempt that stunned the Los Angeles Rams and moved the Packers up a spot in the NFC playoff race sailed wide.

The Rams are 26-25 and enter Week 18 at least a game ahead of the Packers (7-8), who face the Minnesota Vikings (7-8) in an NFC playoff elimination game Sunday night . Crosby, who led the Packers from 2008 to 2022, is the team’s all-time scoring leader. His 1,918 points are more than the next two players, Ryan Longwell and Don Hutson, combined.

Against the Rams, Crosby scored his 397th and 398th career touchdowns, passing Matt Bryant for 13th in NFL history. There are only 11 players who hit 400 meters. Matt Prater of the Cardinals has 399. The Rams and Seattle Seahawks are tied for the bottom two spots in Sunday’s NFC wild-card race. The game between the Packers and the Vikings started.

If the Rams lose to the Giants on Sunday night and the Packers beat the Vikings, the teams would be tied at 8-8. Green Bay owns the tiebreaker. Instead, the Rams are 6-1 with the loss at Lambeau Field without star quarterback Matthew Stafford. The Seahawks host the Pittsburgh Steelers on Sunday afternoon.

Hereare the NFC playoff standings, showing the final two wild-card spots after Sunday’s opener.

6. Los Angeles Rams: 9-7. Sunday’s 26-25 win over the Giants.7. Seattle Seahawks: 8-7: Home vs. Steelers (8-7) on Sunday afternoon. – – -8. New Orleans Saints: 8-8. Sunday’s 23-13 win over the NFC South Buccaneers. #It started on 119. Minnesota Vikings: 7-8. against the house Packers (7-8) Sunday evening. #Day 8 has begun. 10. Green Bay Packers: 7-8. Vikings (7-8) Sunday night. #It started on the 10th. 11. Chicago Bears: 7-9. They beat the Falcons 37-17 on Sunday. #It started on the 12th. 12. Atlanta Falcons: 7-9.The Bears lost 37-17 on Sunday.#It started on the 9th.

If the Packers can beat the Vikings on Sunday night and stay in the playoff race, they will host the Bears in the season finale at Lambeau Field.

The Packers have won seven of their home games, but Justin Fields and the Bears have won four of their last five. “It’s going to be huge because it’s basically a playoff game,” linebacker Quay Walker said. “Not only that, it’s a rivalry and both teams are trying to get to where we want to be at the end of the year. It would be a great win. Scoop. scoop

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