Club planning early talks with player to beat Liverpool – Reds already have ‘huge interest’

Liverpool’s “strong interest” in Inter midfielder Nicolo Barella may require them to hand in a new contract early to avoid interest from the Italian.

According to L’Interista, who report on the club’s current situation and how Liverpool’s focus on Barella could accelerate their plans at Inter. They explain that the club is currently working on several expansions and that one of the open files on the manager’s desk in Viale dell Liberazione is the Barella file. Talks with the Sardinian midfielder are open but there is currently no urgency as his current contract expires in 2026, allowing the club to negotiate “relatively calmly”.

His intention is to sign a new contract and extend Barella for another two years, pushing his expiry date to 2028 and bringing his salary in line with the team’s best players. It would be a great plan to opt out of his current contract early next year to avoid any summer issues that could have affected the final two years of his current deal. The fear is that they will find themselves in this scenario, with the English giants, in this case Liverpool, making a “lifeless offer” to the club and forcing Inter’s hand as the deadline approaches “dangerously”.

I can not say.They know there is no shortage of suitors, with Liverpool and others “expressing a strong interest” in the midfielder and may have secured his signature. The Inter hierarchy are aware of this and intend to protect themselves from this potential scenario by starting negotiations for a new deal early.

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