Broncos HC Sean Payton provides major update on Russell Wilson’s…

An embarrassing loss to the Patriots on Christmas Eve set off a chain reaction that led to the Broncos’ behind-the-scenes story and Russell Wilson’s revelation a few days later. Wilson appears to be a free agent, but the Broncos have yet to confirm that.

Sean Payton and general manager George Paton said Tuesday that Denver’s second-year quarterback could return in 2024, and the veteran coach spoke extensively with Wilson after the season, according to Chris Thomasson of the Denver Gazette . Paton said he would be open to bringing back 12th-year QB Thomasson. Wilson confirmed rumors two weeks ago that the Broncos had approached him about changing the guarantee period of his contract.

Paton confirmed the Broncos contacted Wilson’s agent and the team made a “good faith” effort to complete the $49 million AAV deal during the off week, Thomasson added. That brought the NFLPA into the lawsuit, but no complaints are expected.”I spent 30 minutes with Russ yesterday and I said, ‘Look, I don’t think it’s going to be a long and tedious process, but our plans aren’t set in stone yet.’

Payton said, via James Palmer of “But if we do find out, he’ll be the first to know.”Paton later said he was working with Payton, but the third-year general manager complained in late December that the injury made Wilson clearance-independent if he failed to complete his physical in March.

This is hard to believe in the current situation. If the Broncos retain Wilson after the fifth day of the 2024 league year, his $37 million base salary in 2025 is guaranteed. Wilson’s money for 2024 is already locked up, and a release in March would still bring the dead money for a single player to a record $84.6 million.

The Broncos will almost certainly sign him after Season 1, extending him to two seasons. If they keep Wilson in 2024, it will be difficult to release him in 2025. The 2025 salary guarantee for March vests would be an $86 million death sentence when it is released in 25 years.Wilson, 35, was expected to be released within weeks.

However, the Broncos don’t have access to a top quarterback in the draft. If there is no agreement. With Denver trading two first-round picks for Wilson and the Saints’ first- and second-round picks for Payton’s rights, the passer’s gambit would be costly. The Broncos hold the No. 12 in the 2024 draft, making the path to becoming a rookie even more difficult.

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