BREAKING NEWS:Ty Lue, a billionaire, doesn’t want to coach the Lakers and LeBron James. Steve Ballmer’s Charm Captures a 47-Year-Old Veteran…

Darvin Ham had a knife hanging over his head ever since LeBron James expressed his disappointment over a cryptic tweet. Eventually, the Lakers management fired him today. As an extension to Ham’s exit, a reporter asked Lue, if he would stay with the Clippers after this season. The 47-year-old said, “I didn’t come here to bounce around and go all over the place… I would love to be here long term.”

Ever since LeBron James tweeted a cryptic message expressing his disappointment, Darvin Ham has had a knife hanging over his head. Today, the Lakers management finally let him go. A reporter inquired of Lue whether he planned to remain with the Clippers beyond this season in response to Ham’s departure. “I didn’t come here to bounce around and go all over the place,” the 47-year-old stated. I hope to stay here for a very long time.For what reason is the Lakers a good fit for Ty Lue? Tyronn Lue had an outstanding coaching career with the Cleveland Cavaliers before to joining the Clippers. In 2016, he contributed to the team’s first-ever championship trophy win. Furthermore, he led them to consecutive Finals in both 2017 and 2018. Crucially, it was a team effort including Kyrie Irving and LeBron James in addition to his own efforts. Ty Lue’s presence in the locker room can be extremely beneficial for the Lakers team, which still considers James and Anthony Davis to be their primary challengers for the championship. Additionally, Lue has put on


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