Arsenal considering Benzema on 6-month loan..

Karim Benzema is on loan at Arsenal for six months, who could say no? The French talent recently moved to Saudi Arabia to play for Al Ittihad in the Saudi Arabian Professional League and only lasted six months in Saudi Arabia and has apparently grown tired of life in the Middle East.

The 36-year-old France international and former Real Madrid icon joined Al Ittihad Madrid on a free transfer at the beginning of July last year and has been in fine form since joining the Saudi club. He performed impressively in the first half of the season, recording goals and assists even before his debut. He scored nine goals and five assists in just 15 games in the SPL, as well as twice in the Club World Cup.

As everyone knows, Benzema is the absolute ninth and despite his age, he is always in the right place at the right time. No, his stamina isn’t what it used to be. But as a forward, he knows how to find the back of the net wherever he goes. Having grown up in Madrid, he spent most of his career there and surprised many fans and admirers when he left the city in the summer.

Benzema could be the perfect option for a six-month loan from Arsenal. We struggle to score goals and Benzema’s sheer scoring instinct could make Arsenal the perfect match for him with so many players who can do that for him. , he can develop very well as a striker and I think he will do very well under Mikel Arteta.Arsenal are investigating the possibility and trying to secure a loan move for the French striker, with several clubs already doing the same. If someone can sign him to a six-month deal, he looks like a huge asset. debt.

Nobody knows what happened to Al Ittihad or why the move didn’t work out, but it’s clear they are looking for a move elsewhere and with so many clubs interested, there’s no doubt there will be more moves. Options to choose from. .While the French are making a lot of money in Saudi Arabia, whoever makes the move can expect a significant pay cut, but I think they want a pay cut.

Saudi Arabia is the only place that looks like you. I have a salary but I don’t think it will cost less to get a 6 month loan. It wasn’t worth the time. I personally think this is perfect for 6 months and would be a great retreat for those who don’t have much money to spend this summer.

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