­čŚúNicolas Jackson 2:

“The first time I went to Stamford Bridge, I thought… this is perfect. It’s massive and the fans are so near the pitch. The Villarreal stadium is kinda like that, so I’m used to the fans being right up close to the pitch. I love it.” “When I signed and went for some photos and some media, I looked up at all those empty seats and realised just how many people it takes to fill. It gave me a buzz.” “So when I score my first goal at the Bridge, I think I will be speechless. All I’lI say is, just you wait for my big smile! Blues, thank you for welcoming me with open arms. I feel the love already.” “So we run and we train, and then in the evenings in Philly, we’ve just been playing cards, darts, chilling, playing FIFA. The vibes are great. I love all my team-mates.”

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