🗣Ben Chilwell:

“I want to help Chelsea get back to winning titles and winning cups. And I know we’ll get there in the near future and I want to be one of the reasons that we get back to that. I am not going to run when things are going badly. I want to be one of the reasons that helps us get back to the best Chelsea.”

🗣Ben Chilwell: “I’d love to be captain. I’m sure you’ve had that answer off a few of the players. It’s Chelsea, so I’d love to be captain. Whether I get it or not, it’s not going to take away from my role. I don’t think you need an armband to be a leader…” 🗣Ben Chilwell on Mykhailo Mudryk: “I’ve told him he hasn’t fulfilled [potential] yet for one reason or another. I literally had a conversation with him today after training because he’s been on fire… I just said he needs to keep that up now…” 🗣Ben Chilwell: “I think everyone is really relishing it: new squad, new manager, everyone is excited for the new season. It’s just a fresh start really. Everyone is really excited for it.” 🗣Ben Chilwell: “Mason was one of my closest friends on the team. On a personal level, you are going to miss one of your best mates that you spent a lot of time with at the training ground and away from the training ground. I said it on my Instagram when he left, he was one of the reasons why I joined [Chelsea], so of course it’s sad for me personally to see him leave. But I am not going to comment on his reasoning for leaving. I just wish him the best.” 🗣Ben Chilwell on Wesley Fofana: “It’s important I help these players that are going through exactly what I went through. I just let them know that anything they want to know, or any way they are feeling mentally… I am always there for them.” 🗣Ben Chilwell on Mauricio Pochettino’s fitness regime and getting ‘beasted’: “The first week was a bit of a shock for everyone. It reminded me of going back to youth team days when we used to call it getting beasted. It was pretty similar, especially the first week, but I think we all agreed that it was necessary. Our group needed that. Last season we weren’t fit enough, if we’re being honest, so every player in the squad agreed that was what we needed – and it wasn’t just the first week, it’s continued. It will continue for the rest of pre-season. We’re being worked hard and we’re feeling good for it.”

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